Commercial Glass Services on Maui

First Glass, Inc. offers commercial glass products and services to meet the needs of any commercial customer. From single entrance doors to entire office buildings, we offer customized storefront glass services to help you display your products and increase walk-in traffic with potential customers. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we design, install, and repair all types of commercial glass products such as storefront glass, switchable privacy glass, and tempered glass.


First Glass, Inc. provides storefront glass systems for all types of businesses. Your storefront says a lot about your business, and you need to make a good first impression. Our selection of commercial windows and doors offers many options and designs while providing your business with increased security, energy efficiency, and hurricane resistance.

Benefits of Installing Storefront Glass

  • Attract More Customers: Potential buyers can see what’s inside of your store before they enter. Other customers can see something that will catch their eyes to bring them inside your store.
  • Increase Security: Storefront glass is strong because the materials in the glass are very durable. In addition, storefront glass windows provide a clear outside view to make it easier to spot potential thieves or vandals.
  • Lower Utility Costs: Installing storefront glass with high insulation will help maintain indoor temperatures creating a more comfortable environment for you, your employees, and your customers.


Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass windows eliminate the need for window blinds and curtains. They are ideal for conference rooms, storefronts, and office buildings. Privacy glass windows have electrical switches that let you control the amount of heat and light that passes through.

If you want to minimize your bill for lighting, heating, and air conditioning, switchable privacy glass windows are the perfect solution. The materials in the glass hinder the UV rays from entering, which also helps in reducing the fading of your furniture and carpeting. Furthermore, privacy glass is easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. It allows natural light to seep in without the harmful UV rays and the harsh glare.

Benefits of Privacy Glass Windows

  • Privacy: Privacy glass prevents outsiders from seeing what you are doing. Other windows can be functional and attractive but do not shield you from prying eyes from the outside.
  • Versatility: With just a flick of a switch, you can block everyone and everything when you need privacy or have intimate gatherings.
  • Protection: It filters direct sunlight and keeps the normal temperature of the room even during the hot season. Since it blocks the UV rays, you can avoid having severe skin damage.
  • Savings: Privacy glass windows can let in as much natural light as you want, eliminating the need for additional light sources within the room.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is treated with chemicals and heat to increase its strength. It is approximately five times more resistant to breakage than ordinary glass. Although tempered glass is treated, it does not affect the transparency or look of the glass. You still can see clearly through it as well as have it designed or patterned.

Benefits of Tempered Glass

  • Added Safety: When tempered glass breaks, the glass pieces will break into small chunks instead of large, sharp pieces, which makes it less likely to cut or cause injuries.
  • Greater Resistance: Tempered glass has greater resistance to impact, providing increased protection against potential vandalism, harsh weather conditions, and flying debris.
  • Greater Efficiency: Tempered glass can resist high temperatures of up to 300 degrees. Because of its heat resistance, your home or workplace is less likely to experience high temperatures, resulting in less air conditioning use and lower utility bills.