Commercial Glass Services on Maui

First Glass, Inc. offers commercial glass products and services to meet the needs of any commercial customer. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we design, install, and repair all types of commercial glass products including:


First Glass, Inc. can design, install, and repair storefront glass for commercial properties. From single entrance doors to entire office buildings, we offer customized storefront glass services to help you display your products. Our glass technicians can provide you with the right solutions to promote your company’s image as well as increase walk-in traffic with potential customers.

Window Glass Repair

A business can suffer wear and tear on their windows. First Glass, Inc. provides the best window glass repair service with experienced technicians ensuring your windows look like new. If your windows are cracked or foggy, do not wait to repair them as they can cause further damage. A window glass repair is a low cost alternative to an entire window replacement because we replace only the glass, not the entire window.

Tempered and Security Glass

First Glass, Inc. offers the highest quality of tempered and security glass to help you protect your business and employees. We analyze your company’s security needs as well as provide you with solutions for your commercial property.

Tempered glass is treated with heat or chemicals to change its crystalline structure. It can sustain mild to moderate impacts and shatters into small chunks upon breaking, reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, storefronts made of tempered glass are solid choices for many commercial and retail businesses. Read More

Laminated glass products consist of two or more layers of tempered glass and one or more layers of connecting laminate. Furthermore, these glass storefronts and windows can stand up to severe damage. Even when damaged, laminated glass can provide a barrier against flying debris and water, protecting your commercial property against further losses due to hurricanes and tropical storms.