Residential and Commercial
Custom Glass Designs on Maui

When ordering a piece of custom glass, many people may not realize that there are thousands of glass types with different characteristics. Glass comes in different thicknesses, strengths, colors, and coatings. Fortunately, we have worked with just about every form of glass imaginable. This means we can create almost all types of custom glass in any size or shape for our customers.

We offer the following custom glass services for residential and commercial customers:

Custom Cut Mirrors

Mirrors add depth and natural light to a room as well as increase the beauty of your home while giving it a unique look. Many people want a mirror that is exactly a specific shape, size, edge, and color. The beauty of a custom glass mirror from First Glass, Inc. is that you can customize it to your exact specifications. That means you will get exactly what you want.

Glass Shower Door Enclosure on Maui

Insulated Glass Replacement

Do you have fog, condensation, or moisture developing in between your glass panes? If you have these issues, insulated glass replacement may be the solution to your problem. Replace broken or missing panes, eliminate fogging, and improve the energy efficiency of your home or office.

Privacy Glass on Maui

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is functional for offices, conference rooms, private rooms in restaurants, hospitals, and banks. It also offers privacy for homes, especially where street views or neighboring houses are close. We even offer switchable privacy glass where an electrical current can change the properties of the glass, turning it from clear to opaque and vice versa. This transformation can be triggered from wall switches, remote controls, or sensors, depending on each customer’s needs.

Glass etching on Maui

Glass Etching

Our glass etching services offer incredible design options. Many people enhance their mirrors, doors, and windows with glass etching to give their home or office an upgrade. First Glass, Inc. creates one-of-a kind glass etching projects, and any design or pattern can be etched directly onto any glass surface you need.