Maui’s Leading Residential Glass Company

Whether you need home window repair and replacement or building your dream house, you need a reliable residential glass company. Our knowledgeable team has 30 years of experience with glass shower doors, sliding glass doors, glass railings, and many other residential glass products.

Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are the perfect centerpiece for your bathroom. They help anchor the room, direct both natural and indoor light, increase the sense of space, and improve the overall look and feel of the room. Furthermore, glass shower doors can also increase the value of your home.

First Glass, Inc. offers a full range of services, from sales and installation to repair on sauna, tub, and shower enclosures. Our custom frameless or framed shower door enclosures are available in a variety of configurations. We can design and install the best enclosure for your shower with expert design for your dream bathroom.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a great way to add style and maximize space to your home. Because of their large panes, sliding glass doors allow for unobstructed views of Maui’s beautiful scenery.  In addition, they allow more natural sunlight to enter your home compared to a traditional door. Not only does natural light make you feel more relaxed, but it also brightens up and your home.

Sliding glass doors have two panels that slide next to each other on a track. Since they don’t swing open like hinged doors, they don’t need as much clearance around them. This makes sliding glass doors great for small spaces and gives you more flexibility when arranging your furniture.

Glass Railings

Glass railings will enhance your home and provide more elegance. They are low-maintenance and require hardly any regular upkeep or repair. In addition, they offer wind and noise protection and are harder for your children and pets to climb compared to wood railings. All of our glass railing systems are made with modified glass for improved tensile strength and shattering protection.

Glass Railings for Decks

Glass railings are an excellent option for decks. Besides an occasional cleaning, they do not require much maintenance and can last for many years. They are a very safe option for raised platforms. Since glass doesn’t deteriorate or rot, the railings will remain safe and dependable throughout their entire lifetime.

Framed Glass Railings

Framed glass railings are the most common type of glass railing systems, and they offer a combination of luxury and safety. Framed glass railings feature clear glass panels held in place by a frame.

Framed glass railings can be secured to any surface, from wooden decks to concrete surfaces. They are also commonly used to surround pools. Since they feature a frame and top rail, these railing systems are also great for stairs and raised platforms. They also allow you to place your hands along the top rail for additional support.

Frameless Glass Railings

Frameless glass railings are your best option when you want to maximize a stunning view. These railing systems feature glass panels without bordering frames, allowing for unobstructed views. Frameless glass railings are an ideal choice for balconies, decks, and rooftop terraces.

A popular choice for many homeowners, frameless glass railings protect your outdoor space from excessive sound and wind. Moreover, with frameless glass railings, there are no open spots where your children or pets could attempt to squeeze or climb through, making them a safe option for any home.