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Enhance the Appearance of Your Home With Premium Glass

The curb appeal and interior appearance of your home can have a significant effect on your quality of life and the enjoyment of your property. When you invest in quality glass structural materials and accents for your home, your family and guests will benefit from the aesthetic appeal of your home for years. Our glass products are made strong enough to withstand their intended uses and are naturally resistant to mold, rot, and other moisture-related damage, ensuring the longest possible life for your architectural glass project. Our glass is available with a wide range of insulating and privacy features so that you can let the sun shine in without affecting the coolness of your home or with the flick a switch, block out the sun (and prying eyes) altogether.

The Highest Level of Glass Craftsmanship and Installation in Hawaii

All of our residential glass is manufactured with the highest level of quality craftsmanship and is available in a wide variety of premium styles, designs, and finishes, enabling you to customize the interior and exterior of your home. Allow the professionals of First Glass, Inc. to assist you with choosing the ideal glass materials to express your personality and enhance the appearance and functionality of your home. We have been serving the glass installation and supply needs of our residential customers in Maui and throughout our Hawaii service area for over 29 years and have the extensive experience to bring class and durability to your home improvement project at a reasonable price.

Insulated, One-Way, Mirrored and Privacy Glass Installed

We install many types of specialty glass including insulated, one-way, privacy, curved, textured, etched, and mirrored glass. First Glass, Inc. has styles and designs available to accentuate the architectural appeal of a wide variety of homes. Contact us to discuss your home design concept and receive an estimate. An extensive variety of custom glass design features are available. Some of our most popular residential products and installations include:

– Glass Doors & Entrances –

– Frameless Glass Doors-

– Glass Windows –

– Glass Curtain Walls –

– Sliding Glass Doors –

– Glass Railings –

– Mirrors –

– Shower Doors/ Enclosures –

– Steam Room Saunas –

– Curved Glass Products –

– Patio Coverings –

– Glass Skylights –

Glass Doors, Windows, and Curtain Walls Increase Lighting

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Whether you preferred curved glass, privacy glass, or frameless glass doors and entrances, First Glass, Inc. is ready to bring your home entrance into a whole new state of the aesthetic appeal.

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We have state-of-the-art equipment to reach multi-storied structures. First Glass, Inc. invites residential homeowners to call on us to tend to any glass project you have in mind.

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Elegant glass curtain walls are large glass surfaces that can be applied to residential structures to increase the availability of natural lighting within your home and enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Privacy and climate control features are also available.

Strong, Fortified Sliding Glass Doors and Railings

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Our residential sliding glass doors are manufactured with strong, fortified glass. They roll very smoothly with the lightest touch and are available at an affordable price-one of the best values in Maui!

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Our glass railings are highly fortified for your protection. These attractive and functional accents are available in an extensive range of stylish designs for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Master Class With Custom Mirrors and Shower Enclosures

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Count on First Glass, Inc. to supply and install mirrors to complete all of your projects! Master the art of class with our beautiful and unique mirror options to add a touch of class to your bathroom.


First Glass, Inc. offers helpful assistance to make sure that you select from amongst the best options for your specific applications. As with all of our products, we provide the guidence and information to allow you to selest the most durable and appropriate bathroom accents to match your style and design preferences. Our gallery offers a variety of etched, textured, and artistic privacy patterns for you to choose from.

Strong, Fortified Sliding Glass Doors and Railings

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Our projects are professionally designed to the hightest specifications to withstand the heat and moisture that are typically present in the sauna environment. We use high-strength glass for your safety. Our glass is the perfect material for your dream steam room sauna.

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Our curved/bent glass products are custom made and available in a wide variety of unique and attractive forms. They make the perfect finishing touch to complete a variety of projects including: shower/steam room, enclosures, spiral stair cases, skylights, curtain walls, infinity balcony railings, and much more!

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– Patio coverings –

Lighten up your patio with alternative materials! Add a glass roof over top of your patio furniture to provide protection from the rain, while letting in sunlight to sit and enjoy a beautiful day.


We currently serve Maui, Oahu, Big Island, and Lanai. If you would like to schedule an estimate and receive our best recommendations, contact us today.

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