Residential and Commercial Specialty Glass Products and Services on Maui

When ordering specialty glass products, many people may not realize that there are thousands of glass types with different characteristics. Glass comes in various thicknesses, strengths, colors, and coatings. Fortunately, we have worked with just about every form of glass imaginable. This means we can create almost all types of specialty glass products in any size or shape for our customers including custom bent glass, hurricane-resistant windows, bulletproof glass, glass etching, and more.

Custom Bent Glass

First Glass, Inc. offers custom bent glass installation and design for your architectural needs. Custom bent glass can be used for curved glass railings, curved glass shower door enclosures, storefronts, and more. Not only does custom bent glass add elegance, but it gives the feeling of a larger space.

Custom bent glass is also a great way to enrich your home or office with natural light. The curved glass allows you to experiment with the amount of light entering your structure. Natural light within your home or office can create a more comfortable environment.

Hurricane-Resistant Windows

Hawaii is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms, so hurricane-resistant windows are a viable option for your home or office. Although hurricane-resistant windows can still break from the impact of flying objects, the difference is that it generally remains attached to the window frame. Furthermore, when they break, hurricane-resistant windows crack in a spider-web pattern rather than sending out flying shards of glass.

Hurricane-resistant windows will also protect your home or commercial property’s structural integrity. The wind that enters your structure through shattered windows can cause your roof to blow off or your walls to collapse.

Bulletproof Glass

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as bulletproof glass since it cannot hold up forever against powerful weapons or impacts. The term, “bullet-resistant glass” is often used by those in the industry.

Bulletproof glass, or ballistic glass, absorbs the impact of flying objects, which makes it more secure than regular glass. Just like hurricane-resistant glass, bulletproof glass prevents your glass from shattering and sending glass shards that may injure people. First Glass, Inc. can create and install bulletproof glass in various strengths and thickness.

Hopefully, you will never experience a bullet flying through your windows, but bulletproof glass will provide an added sense of security. Often, alarm systems and security cameras do not prevent burglars from breaking into your property. However, bulletproof glass dramatically increases the time it takes for them to physically enter your home or office.

Glass Etching

Our glass etching services offer incredible design options. Many people enhance their mirrors, doors, and windows with glass etching to give their home or office an upgrade. First Glass, Inc. creates one-of-a-kind glass etching projects, and any design or pattern can be etched directly onto any glass surface you need.

Glass etching removes the transparency of ordinary glass and creates a frosted look, making it impossible for others to see you from outside. Bathroom partitions, conference rooms, and office doors are ideal surfaces for etched glass.

Furthermore, you can control the amount of light that comes in through your glass since First Glass, Inc. offers light, medium, or heavy glass etching.